Core Commercial Real Estate Investing

Investment Strategy

BYLT Group and its related entities were created to opportunistically acquire underperforming real estate properties and/or real estate enterprises with financially distressed balance sheets at attractive entry points. BYLT Group intends to increase asset values, by restructuring balance sheets of underperforming properties, improve operational efficiencies, redeploy and/or dispose of physical assets. 

BYLT Group and/or its related entities will acquire assets that are located within the eastern seaboard of the USA. Within this larger geographic area, the primary focus will be in the New York metropolitan region, including New Jersey, Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania. While BYLT Group’s primary asset class preference is focused on multifamily and industrial properties, BYLT Group will examine potential opportunities in multiple asset classes. BLYT Group’s decision making analysis is driven by: risk, reward, cost and value.

BYLT Group’s investment model targets the acquisition of assets in densely populated areas and/or transit hubs. Asset restructurings and renovations will include properties with deferred exterior and interior maintenance issues and/or subject to foreclosure, default or note sales. The company’s strategies emphasize tightening operational efficiencies, implementing both capital and cosmetic renovations and strengthening occupancies.

Vision for the Future


BYLT Group recognizes that continual improvements in technology and changes in social norms affect how commerce is transacted and individuals allocate personal resources in their daily life. BYLT Group will be continually vetting real estate opportunities to examine how changes in technology adaptation and social conventions are: making existing business models obsolete and creating new investment opportunities.

Assets primed for repurposing include those real estate properties that host failed business models that need to be restructured and repositioned in order to most effectively meet the needs of a rapidly advancing technological world. There is a major transitional shift now occurring in the USA, both in the office market and the locally centered brick-and-mortar retail environment, as virtual commerce continues to evolve and disrupt existing business models. BYLT Group understands this transformation and embraces this opportunity to profit from servicing the needs of a dynamic and changing marketplace.

The tenants of many real estate properties were compelled to limit operations or even shutdown. We believe that: past effects of the quarantine, ongoing health and safety concerns, and unquantifiable future uncertainties, have materially impaired values in selected segments of the real estate market place. This situation opens up for BYLT Properties Fund I many potential opportunities to facilitate structuring a portfolio of properties acquired at attractive price entry points.

BYLT Group, having no legacy assets affected by the pandemic, is well positioned to buy distressed properties at substantially reduced prices. The economic turmoil of 2020 and the technology advancements referenced above, create potential opportunities for BYLT Group and its private equity funds. The BYLT Group owns no problem investments, and its management is unencumbered by any pre-existing biases. BYLT management will be steadfastly focused on the goal of creating value for BYLT Property Fund I investors.

Bylt Group

BYLT Group has assembled a team of managers and advisers, experienced in every aspect of the real estate business, including development, acquisition, construction, management and financing. BYLT Group’s executive leadership team possesses extensive and wide experience in the world of real estate investment. BYLT Group was established in 2019 by Laurence J. Rappaport, Esq., CEO and Managing Member, along with Jonathan Blaustein, Alexander Matovski, and Joshua Lipsey, all of whom are founding Members. Prior to forming BYLT Group, Mr. Rappaport and Mr. Blaustein were two of four co-founders of KABR Group, a New Jersey based real estate firm. Both also share a long-term co-investment history that predates the formation of both KABR Group and BYLT Group.

Each member of the BYLT Group leadership team shares a mutually held acquisition and investment philosophy, which serves as the springboard for the company’s overall investment strategy and clean balance sheet philosophy. Through a synergistic multi-disciplinary approach, BYLT Group offers a unique depth and breadth of in-house resources that unlock the true value of its transitional property acquisitions.

Laurence J. Rappaport, Esq.,

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Member,

Jonathan Blaustein

Managing Member

Joshua Lipsey

Managing Member